Why Outsource Your Control Panel?

Changing control panels

Outsourcing has, from its beginnings, been considered a valuable practice for ensuring cost-effectivity in business projects. Yet this progressive approach to project management is profitable beyond the reduction of on-the-ground operational costs. Outsourcing can relieve you of the time-consuming and costly activities of project organisation and the provision of expert customer support, whilst also providing you access to leading specialists (like our team of control panel specialists here at DualTEC), and state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the price it would cost to establish these infrastructures in-house. To make your project hassle-free and cost-effective, consider outsourcing the engineering and production of your control panels, for these five key reasons.

Keeping basic control panel costs low

A commitment to reducing the costs attached to your project inevitably remains a key incentive for the outsourcing. As opposed to the production of control panels in-house, outsourcing removes the great expenses and length of time associated with self-administering operational staff and resources. The process of design and engineering is streamlined to ensure that you only pay for the costs associated with the product itself, with the outsourcing company taking financial responsibility for the complex network of subsidiary expenses.

Access to the most advanced technology

The ever-changing world of control panel technology is hard to keep up with when these projects are run in-house. The up-front costs, expensive licensing and user fees, and maintenance of these technologies can run up very high bills, causing great expense. Outsourcing instead allows you access to the newest technology on-hand, with additional fees covered by the outsourcing company. This will keep the process of administering your control panels straightforward and low-cost, while you can rest assured that you are operating your service with the most advanced technology.

Your pick of leading experts

In addition to providing access to the most sophisticated equipment, outsourcing also connects you with a great array of specialist assistance. The freedom to select from this smorgasbord of experts ensures that your control panel is engineered and designed by the best, at a fraction of the price of employing just one of these specialists full-time.

Projects managed with clarity and precision

Alongside the provision of top-quality technology, designed and engineered by respected experts, DualTEC can provide clear and transparent organisational structure for the project. Where in-house projects are susceptible to running over deadlines, the delays from which waste vital money and time, projects led by outsourced companies are laid out with clear logistical frameworks which reduce time to market. DualTEC work directly with contract manufacturers to attain clear timelines and pricing, eliminating unpredictability whilst reducing the workload for your in-house team.

Dedicated support for you and your customers

Outsourcing also provides exclusive and cost-effective benefits beyond just the design and production of your control panel. DualTEC have established teams of dedicated support staff are on hand to consistently monitor your equipment and provide a streamlined service for your customers in the diagnosis and repair of any technical issues. The staff and financial resources underpinning DualTEC’s customer support services ensure that you are providing the best for your customers, and avoiding delays in maintenance of your technology, keeping costs low by maximising productivity.

Outsource with DualTEC

Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, our highly experienced specialist team can offer competitive prices for control panel outsourcing, to reduce the financial and logistical strains on your project. For further information about our outsourcing provisions, don’t hesitate to call on: 01535 609314, or contact the team at: info@dualtec.co.uk.

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