Uninterruptible Power Systems for Control Panels

The British Standards Institution released their general and safety requirements for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) last month, outlining updated guidelines for safe usage with all manner of electronic equipment. There are a multitude of settings where control panels require varying degrees of power protection, but the fail safe option will always be a UPS.

The purpose of a UPS in relation to control panels

In an environment which involves sensitive machinery and expensive apparatus, there will likely be a panel of some description in place. Control panels will vary in complexity depending on the user, industry and function of the machinery it governs. But the one unifying trait that connects all control panels, is a reliance on the main primary continuous power source.

Input power failure (disconnection from the AC grid) places both the control panel and the apparatus it governs at risk, especially those systems that require constant power such as in data centres. In addition to power outage, fluctuation in voltage and frequency outside the specified limits of the system can be equally as damaging. A UPS is designed to eliminate the possibility of either spikes or a loss of power.

The UPS is designed to provide a constant flow of electricity to apparatus in an environment where a break in power could cause considerable disruption to business, a loss of data, serious injury or even fatalities. Not to be confused with a backup or standby generator – they are intended to provide power for a relatively short duration, hours if not minutes. This prevents the function of the connected load from failing as a result of power loss.

In the first instance, an uninterrupted power system buys the operator enough time to properly power down the connected load. In the second instance, a UPS may be run continuously to maintain the stability and quality of the power running to the connected load.

Using experienced control panel manufacturers and service engineers

The requirements laid out in BS EN 62040-1 should feature heavily within the planning stage of any control panel design process, alongside all guidelines from the British standards institute. Which is why we cannot stress the importance of utilising the acquired knowledge and skill of a professional control panel building manufacturers.

DualTEC are a team of time-served electrical engineers with a wealth of experience that covers all aspects of control panel design, manufacture and installation. Working from our purposefully retrofitted premises near Bradford, West Yorkshire – we proudly work alongside companies across the UK to design and manufacture control panels for a variety of functions. Whatever your industry, whatever the application and however detailed your requirements – DualTEC will meet them.

If you would like more information about the safety requirements of uninterruptible power systems for control panels, you can download the report here or alternatively, get in touch with one of our engineers on 01535 609314.

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