Selecting a programmable logic controller (PLC)?

Here at DualTEC we’re regularly updating ourselves with electronics industry best practices, but it’s equally important for our customers to be looking at guidelines when making important purchases for their business. With that in mind, here are DualTECs thoughts on the things to consider when your specifying a programmable logic controller (PLC) for a project.

Support: We pride ourselves at DualTEC on our levels of customer support, so you should really be looking at the levels of support offered by your PLC provider. Do they offer telephone support and local support to work through any issues as they arise? The best way to avoid future frustrations is to check with your programmable logic manufacturer what levels of support they offer, and whether they’re going to suit your needs.

Futureproofing: Of course you’re going to make sure that the controller will be able to meet the needs of what it’s required to do today, but has thought gone into what it will need to do in five or ten years time? Choosing the right system now, with the flexibility for future modifications as and when needed might be saving you cost further down the line in years time.

Quality: look at your vendors’ client history and see the sort of quality installations they’ve already undertaken. When vendors are confident about the quality of their work, they’ll stand behind it with a good list of clients that they’ve already installed PLCs for

Costs: Whatever the size of your business, costs are always an important factor to consider when investing in a programmable logic controller. Always ask your vendor whether there are annual software license fees, ongoing technical support fees and training costs. Consider the total cost of ownership for the PLC, not just the hardware and software costs.

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