Remotely access your control panel with a programmable logic controller

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In light of the current global pandemic we’re all faced with and the widespread impact this has had on many businesses, industries and sectors – we thought it may be useful to discuss the prospect of building remote capabilities into your control panel setup. Within reason, this can allow businesses to maintain productivity with minimal staff. Whilst control panel operators may not be able to make it on to the factory floor, they can work remotely providing a competent PLC and adjoining peripheral devices are installed.

What is a PLC or programmable logic controller?

PLCs were originally designed to replace outdated relay logic systems – large pieces of apparatus that were cumbersome and difficult to maintain or repair. The PLC was developed to be suitable for all potential environments, designed to be rugged, adaptable and accessible.

In tech speak, a PLC is a digitally-operated piece of electrical apparatus which uses a programmable internal memory to store instructions that implement specific functions. Functions such as logic, sequencing, timing, counting and arithmetic, each of which control various types of machinery or processes through digital or analog I / O (input / output) modules.

Essentially though, a PLC is a programmable piece of hardware, able to receive and transmit (input / output) a variety of electrical signals. Through the manipulation and execution of a process within a communication system, they enable the control of almost any mechanical or electrical device. When interfaced with a computer and connected via a wired or wireless connection, the PLC allows for remote operation of the process in question.

Introducing remote access into your control process

Remote access within a control process is relatively niche. For many manufacturers, there would be too many PLC peripheral devices to rely solely on remote operation. But for others, remote access could be the difference between an operational facility and an unproductive one.

Not all control panel systems will have the inherent capability to include a PLC of this capability, so it may be that your system needs an upgrade, or at the very least an inspection of suitability. DualTEC are a team of time-served electrical engineers with a wealth of experience that covers all aspects of control panel design, manufacture and installation. We can assess your current system and make component suggestions for your consideration.

Working from our purposefully retrofitted premises near Bradford, West Yorkshire – we work with companies across the UK, meeting specific requirements, whatever your industry or application. If you would like more information about remote access to your control panel, please get in touch with one of our engineers at: or call on: 01535 609314

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