Programming Control Panels For Manufacturing Industries

Programming Control Panels

One aspect of control panels that we focus on here at DualTEC is programming control panels and their associated systems. If you are an organisation with control panel systems currently in place, but who need them either upgrading or re-purposing then we can help. With extensive expertise in the writing of control panel system software and programming we can listen to what you need and put together a solution which performs flawlessly.

Reprogramming of control panel system is required for a number of purposes. If you’re Programmable Logic Controller is outdated or problematic then new software might be required. Or, for example it lacks the control over equipment and processing that you need, or lacks in the necessary traceability.

We also specialise in Human Machine Interface programming. Whereas some still operate with relay logic, to feel the full benefits of the more advanced recent programmable logic controller systems a human machine interface is required. These HMIs are the go between for your users and the control panel. We create interfaces that are easy for staff to use and allow for the greatest possible control and information in relation to the processes in which the control panel is involved. We can also upgrade old HMIs for your changing needs.

If you have updated Control Panels yourself or with third parties over time and no longer have up to date electrical drawings then we can help you with these also. Our knowledgeable and skilful team can provide precise electrical drawings of modified panels in AutoCAD Electrical format.

Programming Control Panels for Industry

These diagrams are an important part of aiding your technicians in understanding how controls are wired within the system so you can get the best performance. Electrical drawings and diagrams are often also a useful way of diagnosing errors in the logic within the system and as such can act as a kind of troubleshooting process in understanding your control panel in detail.

Our technology and programming are fully compliant with all the latest relevant European standards, so you know you are getting the best quality products and service.

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