New PLC System to control autoclave installed

plc to autoclave

DualTEC are pleased to announce that we’ve just developed an Allen Bradley 1769 platform PLC based system to control an autoclave working in conjunction with a front end scada system (Graphical user interface) in a leading composites company in the south of England.

plc for autoclaveWe chose the Allen Bradley 1769 platform because these controllers include integrated safety, and use the same programming software, network protocol, and information capabilities as all Logix controllers. This provides a common development environment for all control disciplines. Consistent tools and features help users to lower engineering investment costs, ease diagnostics and troubleshooting, and speed up time to market for small to mid-size applications.

The new set up provides the user with a more robust system. In the event that the PC fails the current cycle will be completed which lowers the risk of losing high valve carbon fibre components.

Do you need a similar system? Please call us on 01535 609314 to discuss your requirements.

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