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We specialise in the design and manufacture of control panels at an industrial and commercial level, focussed on utilising our considerable experience to become the best in class designer and provider of electrical control panels. We offer a complete control panel solution service. From initial design, manufacture and test, through to on site installation / commissioning / user training and full documentation pack supply.

We thought it would be useful for both our current customers as well as prospective ones to know how we define what actually makes up a control panel. In this set of articles we aim to detail the key points needed to understand how control panels work, so keep checking in with us to make sure not to miss the next instalment.

Operator Devices for Control Panels

Once a control panel has been planned and manufactured to suit the purpose of whichever industry and function it is intended for, its operator must have some way of operating the panel. There are a variety of external devices that are fitted to the exterior of the control panel that allow the operator to do just that.

Pilot Devices

A Pilot Device is a manually operated electrical switch or indicator, usually mounted to the door of the control panel. They come in a variety of different forms including; push/pull switches, illuminated and non-illuminated, indicator switches and selector switches.

Digital Panel Meter

A Digital Panel Meter is an externally mounted screen that allows the operator to measure and monitor specific variables within the control panel e.g. current, flow, temperature and pressure. These door-mounted devices can contain relays as well giving them a dual purpose as a controller.

Operator Interface

An Operator Interface is the most technical type of operator device. Comprising of an LCD touch-screen mounted externally, they allow the operator to monitor and control latterly mentioned variables within the control panel through communicating with Programmable Logic Controllers within the control panel. They are amore effective version of the digital panel meter but are also more expensive.

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