Building control panels for the future

Technology is always evolving, and it is important for panel builders to equip themselves with the material to adapt to… Read more »

Trends in Industrial Automation

As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, it poses challenges in the adaptation of systems to incorporate the newest developments. With automation, however, these features can be put to their best use in industrial systems.

Process Control Systems

Process control systems (PCS) are a vital element in maintaining efficiency on a manufacturing production line, by testing the characteristics… Read more »

Is DualTEC SafeContractor Accredited?

Is DualTEC SafeContractor Accredited. Yes, we are. But what does this mean for you, the customer? Health and safety is… Read more »

Please don’t excuse the mess: keeping your electrical control panel clean

Poor and irregular maintenance of an electrical control panel can, unsurprisingly, lead to huge pay outs for repairs and replacements,… Read more »

A Guide to Best Practises for Electrical Control Panels

Industrial mechanisation and equipment now universally rely on electrical control panels for operating and automating their essential processes. The essential… Read more »

Why Outsource Your Control Panel?

Outsourcing has, from its beginnings, been considered a valuable practice for ensuring cost-effectivity in business projects. Yet this progressive approach… Read more »

The benefits of automation to industry

Around 20 years ago, an article about automation was accompanied by a cartoon. The cartoon was split into two halves;… Read more »

Programmable Logic Controllers and Industry 4.0

The Programmable Logic Controller (or PLC for short) can automate specific processes, machine function or even whole production lines. As… Read more »

The Building Blocks of Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers (PID)

Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers (PID for short) are relatively simple yet irreplaceable components that are commonplace within the control panel… Read more »

Circuit Protection for Power Distribution

When designing control systems, power distribution is an important factor for consideration. The features of distribution included in a control… Read more »

SCADA Systems and Process Control

SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is one of the most widely used acronyms in the control panel industry…. Read more »

Three Steps to Control Panel Design

Generally speaking, if a control panel has been designed correctly, the finished product can be summed up in one word:… Read more »

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

The Coronavrius pandemic has had a huge impact on multiple sectors throughout the manufacturing industries, and control panel design has… Read more »

PLCs, PACs and IPCs – what do these terms mean?

PLC – Programmable Logic Controller PAC – Programmable Automation Controller IPC – Industrial Pc It’s important to be making an… Read more »

Electrical Control Panels for Automation: the Basic Elements of a Control Panel

Dualtec regularly build and install assembly line control panels. Put simply, a control panel controlling an automated assembly line will… Read more »

Control Panels for Food Packaging Machinery and Conveyors

Dualtec create control panels for a variety of markets, including the food and beverage packaging industry Food manufacturing, processing, and… Read more »

Remotely access your control panel with a programmable logic controller

In light of the current global pandemic we’re all faced with and the widespread impact this has had on many… Read more »

Control panels for the automotive industry

The automotive control panel market is undergoing a huge period of change. With the gradually increasing market share of electric… Read more »

Is your control panel setup due some much needed maintenance?

In our personal lives, the new year probably represents more exercise, a change in diet or maybe a new hobby…. Read more »

Control panel design and manufacture in the United Kingdom

We’re often bombarded with news headlines of how manufacturing and the industries involved are in decline, and whilst this may… Read more »

Innovative Automation and Control Solutions

DualTEC has a solid reputation for delivering innovative automation and control solutions. We are an electrical engineering company specialising in… Read more »

Programmable Logic Controllers in Control Panel Design

Developed as a solution to simplify the control process within the manufacturing process, Programmable Logic Controllers eradicated the need for… Read more »

Uninterruptible Power Systems for Control Panels

The British Standards Institution released their general and safety requirements for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) last month, outlining updated guidelines… Read more »

Motor Control Panel Design Company

Motor control panel design refers to a specific type of electrical control panel, generally used in commercial and industrial settings… Read more »

DualTEC’s Control Panel Building Service

Here at DualTEC, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service to our customers. Working across multiple industries, we’re able… Read more »

DualTEC Control Panel Services

Back in April 2004, we set out to become one of the leading designers, fabricators, installers and inspectors of control… Read more »

Industrial control panels: further considerations

In last months article we discussed various components that you should be taking into consideration when designing an industrial control… Read more »

Component considerations in industrial control panel design

Ensuring that the control panel being designed will ultimately meet the specifications set out by the client, meeting the necessary… Read more »

Industrial Control Panel Design

What you need to know about industrial control panel design Industrial control panels serve the same function as most control… Read more »

Electrical Control Panels in the automotive industry

When we think of electrical control panels in the automotive industry, images of great long assembly lines come to mind,… Read more »

Commercial control panel design and manufacture

Whether commercial or industrial, control panels by definition control the flow of electricity to the different machinery within each specific… Read more »

How To Utilise Control Panel Design And Manufacture For Your Business

We offer businesses across multiple sectors efficient methods of improving, updating or even replacing their control panel set up. From… Read more »

Inside A Common Control Panel

Sometimes, the control panel industry can seem daunting to the layman. Technical information and terminology makes it inaccessible for those… Read more »

Control Panels and The Internet of Things

As technology develops for consumers and businesses alike, so does the technology within the control panel industry. We are on… Read more »

Control Panel Design Basics

Where to start with control panel design Good control panel design should be a methodical process that can be broken… Read more »

Variable Speed Drives

What are variable speed drives? Variable Speed Drives or VSD’s allow the user to increase or decrease the amount of… Read more »

SafeContractor Accreditation

DualTEC receives SafeContractor Accreditation We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded SafeContractor accreditation in recognition of our commitment to… Read more »

The Control Panel Process

There is a process to control panel design Approaching control panel design can be a daunting task, especially for those… Read more »

Dualtec: Control Panel 101 – Operator Devices

Dualtec’s superior control panel operating devices We specialise in the design and manufacture of control panels at an industrial and… Read more »

Dualtec: Control Panel 101 – Control Components

Electrical Control Panel 101 We thought it would be useful for both our current customers as well as prospective ones… Read more »

Dualtec: Control Panel 101 – Electrical Power Components

We specialise in the design and manufacture of control panels at an industrial and commercial level, focussed on utilising our… Read more »

Dualtec: Control Panel 101

We specialise in the design and manufacture of control panels at an industrial and commercial level, focussed on utilising our… Read more »

Control Panel Design and Production

Here at DualTEC we are dedicated to providing the most effective solutions for our clients by ensuring we understand the… Read more »

Control Panel Installation and Maintenance

So you’re investing in a new control panel installation, bringing the automation in your company firmly into 2017. The designs… Read more »

Dualtec: Working to High Standards

At Dualtec we set very high standards for the control panels we create. To demonstrate the quality and attention to… Read more »

Control systems for Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is one of the central purposes of our control panel work. Creating systems which are designed to respond… Read more »

The Dualtec Control Panel Process

With many years of varied experience in control panel process design, as well as in the different specialisms of their… Read more »

Energy Efficiency through Control Panel Use

The control offered by our carefully designed and constructed, energy efficient control panels systems means that you can reduce the… Read more »

How control panels have changed

Forms of Control Panels initially began to emerge along side the growth in computing, particularly throughout the 1960s and 1970s…. Read more »

Control Panels for Water Management

Another of the many uses of control panel technology is within the water management industry. Wherever you find automated processes,… Read more »

Control Panels for Exhaust Extraction

Fumes and dust are problem which need dealing with in a number of industries. Controlling the air quality for both… Read more »

Programming Control Panels For Manufacturing Industries

One aspect of control panels that we focus on here at DualTEC is programming control panels and their associated systems…. Read more »

The Importance of Electrical Control Panels for the Food Industry

DualTEC build control panels for the food industry which are sophisticated and precise pieces of equipment. In an industry where… Read more »

New PLC System to control autoclave installed

DualTEC are pleased to announce that we’ve just developed an Allen Bradley 1769 platform PLC based system to control an… Read more »

Time for control panel maintenance?

DualTEC specialise in creating custom built control panel solutions which are individually made to order and engineered exactly for our… Read more »

So you want to migrate your control system?

The need to migrate your control system is often obvious, and very often a migration can happen with no changes… Read more »

Which one would be most suitable? Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Generally, Distributed Control Systems are far more feature laden than Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). The definition of a PLC is… Read more »

Control panels for the automotive industry

Industrial Automation & Electrical Control Panels for the automotive industry The automotive industry is a major driver for foreign direct… Read more »

Saving money on energy using electronic control panels

There’s lots of advice around in the electicity industry on how to save energy and improve efficiency using control panels…. Read more »

Automation shouldn’t be something to be afraid of

There was a cartoon about automation from the early 1990’s in Private Eye. On the left were two office employees… Read more »

UK based control panel manufacturers

How many of us really know what control panel manufacturers do and how the control panels they create feature in… Read more »

Industrial Control Systems (ICS): A world of centralisation

Industrial control systems from Dualtec – industry leaders in the control systems industry. Call us on 01535 609 314

Back to basics – more about Electrical Control Panels

In our modern age, it seems that automation has found its way into almost every walk of life.  From electrical… Read more »

Dust and Fume Extraction Control Panels

Most of the industrial and laboratory activities produce fumes and dust, which are hazardous to health and must be dealt… Read more »

Safe Contractor Approval for Dualtec

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded Safe Contractor status. Here at Dualtec, we take health and safety seriously. We… Read more »

Food Industry Electrical Control Panels

Control panels find their use in almost every industry from construction to large scale manufacturing lines and from aeroplanes and… Read more »

Electrical Control Panel Design And Programming For Your Business

DualTEC brings business owners the convenience of enhancing their existing or outdated electrical control panel design with ease…

Automation and Control Systems for Industry

To keep up with the market’s demand and stay at pace with your competitors, automation and control systems are the way to go.

Control Panel Design and Manufacture

At DualTEC we work to provide the best solutions for our clients by ensuring that we understand the customers needs thoroughly.

Specifying PLCs, PACs or PC controllers

The foundational product of any automated system is going to be the controller, whether it’s based on PLCs, PACs or PCs (or a combination of these).

Selecting a programmable logic controller (PLC)?

Here at DualTEC we’re regularly updating ourselves with electronics industry best practices…

Energy Savings!

The Decorative Panels Group are leaders in the supply of decorative faced sheet materials, panel components and flat pack furniture…. Read more »

New Website!

Welcome to DualTec, We are pleased to launch our brand new website where you can find all the latest information about… Read more »