Is your control panel setup due some much needed maintenance?

control panel maintenance

In our personal lives, the new year probably represents more exercise, a change in diet or maybe a new hobby. In manufacturing, much is the same, with the new year offering a chance to carry out some essential maintenance to your control panel setup and ensure smooth operation in the year ahead.

Here at DualTEC, we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and installing world-class control panels for a variety of businesses from a multitude of industries. Nevertheless, the town clock needs routine maintenance in order to keep time, the family car needs its annual service to remain reliable – so is the case for control panels.

Routine control panel maintenance should be a priority

It is rare for electrical control panels to stop working on their own accord, but their performance can be greatly affected by wear to their internals. For example, heavily worn or damaged electrical cable can cause an imbalance in electrical flow across a circuit – a control panel’s precise function.

For the most part, any issues we find tend to be because of poorly executed wiring, where clusters of wires have become knotted over time. The insulation of ageing wire can also become brittle and thin, which not only causes machine failure but also, is not safe. Whilst damage to wire in this manner obviously takes time, routine maintenance will ensure no faults are missed.

Although we’re still at the start of the year and Spring is still a way off, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your control panel at the start of the year. This will prevent the build-up of dust thickening any further, whereas if left for long periods the potential for circuitry damage is rife.

The dust that builds up in a control panel is more likely to consist of the materials that the components within are made from, rather than the garden-variety dust you find at home. This is known as carbon build up. And whilst it is extremely abrasive, it is also a conductor in powder form. When left unchecked, it can leech power from the circuitry and even short circuit the whole system.

The most effective way to remove this carbon build up is to hoover it out and not to sweep or blow it out with compressed air, either of these options will drag the abrasive dust across the circuitry within your control panel, potentially causing irreversible damage.

Not sure whether you’re cleaning the right part?

Don’t worry, DualTEC can help you make your control panel maintenance upkeep simple and easy. Any questions about keeping up to the cleaning of your DualTEC control panel, and we can advise on what to do or not to do. And rest assured that during the build process, we will choose the appropriate enclosure to extend the lifespan of your panel.

After over fifteen successful years in business, our experienced electrical engineers have a wealth of knowledge at hand to ensure that your control panel is designed, built and installed to the highest standards – promoting panel longevity. Call us today or submit a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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