Industrial Control Systems (ICS): A world of centralisation

We are living in a world of cloud computing, where there is the debate about the Internet of things (IOT), evolutions in communication like 4G and 5G and Mesh networks. The demand for efficient, reliable and cost-effective systems is increasing day by day without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the system.

What Are Industrial Control Systems?

An Industrial Control System is usually a device or collection of different devices as a set. This set instructs, guides and manages different other devices or a whole system. The use of these Control Systems in industry for production, regulation, and management of the product and production line is known as the Industrial Control System.


You’ll be hard pushed to find an industry which doesn’t use industrial control systems and the lives we lead today are enhanced by them. For instance in the aerospace industry there are a wide variety of industrial control system applications, from auto-pilot to flight control, to landing gear systems.

The distribution of electricity over long distances and its management and controlling, all are due to the advances in ICS. In the pharmaceutical industries, ICS is playing a significant role in drug delivery, prosthetic limbs, cardiac control (pacemakers), neurological control, surgery and artificial hearts.

Industrial Control Systems have become essential to industries like mining, oil and gas regulation, the monitoring and controlling of water, wastewater collection systems, food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, transportation (ships, lorries, rail systems) and automotive industry, that without the implementation of the industrial control systems  these all would be of no use.

We’re moving towards an era of centralised systems which are flexible, reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Why DualTec?

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