The Importance of Electrical Control Panels for the Food Industry

control panels for the food industry

DualTEC build control panels for the food industry which are sophisticated and precise pieces of equipment. In an industry where the intense competition means that fine margins can make a large difference, digital control panels are a valuable addition to processes in the food industry, as well as in the fast moving consumer foods sector more generally. Control Panel systems can monitor and respond to processes and equipment across high volumes of products, performing consistently throughout long processes and offering a very cost effective solution to the problem of monitoring and controlling many different metrics within food production.

Why Control Panels are so Vital to the Food Industry

As the demand for cheap food has increased, and the volume of food produced has increased, there has been greater need for control and monitoring during the process. With many food producers selling into large supermarket chains, who operate on a large volume/small margin basis, details can make a real difference to the overall profitability and quality of the output of food production lines.

One of the chief purposes of control panels within the food processing industry is the maintenance of values in the manufacturing process within certain limits. In order to ensure consistency and quality of output, guaranteeing that certain metrics are maintained within a specified range can be very important to the overall effectiveness of the process. This could be anything from temperature to the volume of liquid within a controlled tank.

Responsive Control Panels

The intelligence of control panels comes into play here. With very responsive sensors sending information to the main ‘nerve centre’ of the control panel, the panel can then respond by controlling the necessary equipment to bring the deviation back within the specified limits for that process. Control panels can be constructed to be compatible with the equipment required within the Food industry. This means that they can effectively control these values across a number of different processes, making them particular valuable assets tor ensuring quality is maintained across a large product output.

Prolonging the Life of Foods with Control Panels for the Food Industry

As well as controlling the processes of manufacturing food products, control panels also have a role to play in prolonging the life of the ood products themselves. Their capacity to monitor and control equipment can also be effectively used in auditing temperature in storage and food warehouses. Controlling temperature through control panels, whether it is to maintain high or low temperature conditions, is important in keeping products fresh and cool without the additional use of preservatives with products, which can affect taste and require the introduction of chemical solutions to products.

Likewise, high temperatures are often required in the process of sterilisation. This is also very important to the ensuring of high standards of hygiene in the food processing industry, with a great deal of regulation around the sterility of manufacturing equipment used in the food production processes. To help protect food and guard against contamination our systems are highly secure, ensuring that instructions to Control Panels are protected to guarantee they perform their tasks to the highest standard.

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