Energy Efficiency through Control Panel Use

Energy Efficient Control Panels

The control offered by our carefully designed and constructed, energy efficient control panels systems means that you can reduce the use of energy in your company. This is the case both through the systems themselves, and by what they can offer to the processes which consume energy within your operation. With environmental and money saving benefits to the improvement of efficiency in the way power is used, our Control Panels offer a sound and long term investment. Here’s a look at just how they can reduce the energy you use.

Improving the Efficiency of Processes through Automation

The goal of the inclusion of Control Panels within any process is to increase the level of precision and automation. Both of these qualities also translate into a better use of energy.

The installation of systems which are more responsive to changes in a process, such as temperature or water level for example, can ensure that only the required volume of energy is used to perform a function. This level of automatic monitoring and response, when tied to precision equipment, reduces wastage of over use of energy on complete tasks. The ability of such systems to compute information being fed through a multitude of different inputs allows for a broad control of the energy use over a procedure at each of its individual stages, meaning energy isn’t wasted through the direction of materials and power into already complete tasks.

This sensitivity, intelligence and speed of automation added to these tasks by the use of Control Panels equates to lots of individual improvements in efficiency which add up to significant quantities of energy saved.

Greater Energy Efficiency Within Energy Efficient Control Panels Systems

The broad trend for energy prices doesn’t look to be changing and saving on energy usage through installing new systems and updating legacy equipment is something that has come into greater focus in manufacturing, water management, fast moving consumer goods and a greater number more sectors.

Our team has the versatility to develop systems and corresponding software which can be placed within processes within any of these industries to improve efficiency. Along side this, we can also make alterations to currently installed outdated or legacy systems to reduce the use of energy through improvement in the performance of control panels themselves.

One such way that systems are improved is through the introduction of Variable Speed Drives rather than single speed apparatus. This is especially useful for the motors driving systems for fans used in temperature control as well as pump systems for water management. This offers a greater level of control over the volume of power being used by motors within the system, meaning that the energy level only ever matches what’s needed by your equipment and that energy isn’t being wasted running motors at needlessly high levels. Further, Variable Speed Drives also allow for the use of soft start motors, which reduce the stress on electrical systems, extending their useful life and offering a reduction in the turnover of components.

Matching the level of power used to what’s needed task at hand is the central task of increasing the efficiency of processes and is exactly what energy efficient Control Panels can offer to your business. The combination of the automation of sensory equipment and the control of responsive variable speed drives means that your system use only the amount of energy they need to to perform and no more, reducing waste and saving you on costs.

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