Electrical Control Panel Design And Programming For Your Business

DualTEC brings business owners the convenience of enhancing their existing or outdated electrical control panel design with ease. With the help of our team of engineering specialists and programming experts, we will have your system up to the current industry standards and the level of maximum production. We adhere to a strict procedure when undertaking the process of reprogramming or updating. The process begins with a thorough analysis of your systems.


Our programmers will start by testing the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and the software installed on the control panel. More often than not, the program that you are running is outdated. This can cause various issues in the operation of the machinery. Also, irregular PLCs can also be faulted for the problems that you may be facing. We will examine these elements first and determine our course of action accordingly.


Our team will move on to the next step in the process, which is to draw up an effective plan of action to fulfil the demands of your production process. No matter which type of electrical hardware you have in your plant, whether you have updated electrical drawings or not, our team will be able to figure out a solution that will be able to provide the results that will be beneficial for you. Our engineers are adept at creating new, precise electrical drawings for customers, which can also serve them in the future.

With our experience of creating programs and PLC according to customer specifications, we are able to create solutions that are a perfect fit for your business and it all starts in this the planning phase. We also make sure to take note of customer feedback in this phase, because it aids us delivering the standard of service that our customers demand.

The Creation and Implementation of Electrical Control Panel Design

Our programmers will develop software that offers more control and accuracy in your production systems. And with the installation of an up to date PLC, you will have a highly efficient electrical control panel: that will give you increased production, all the while providing you with more accurate control over the whole process. It will be our aim to make the process as short and seamless as possible for us. We understand the kind of losses an elongated update process can incur, so we will work with you to create swift and valuable solutions.

Training and Manuals

Our experts will provide your employees with all the information that they require in utilizing the new electrical control panels, in the shape of user operation and maintenance manuals. Your employees can easily consult these manuals if they have any difficulty. We can also perform quick training sessions for your employees, so they can grasp the concepts and functionality of the new system better.

This should give you a better idea about how we go about designing or upgrading customer’s electrical control panels. To get a more comprehensive view of our services and abilities, you can easily get in touch with us and learn more.

An overview of our electrical control panel design and programming services: we design and upgrade programs, overhaul PLC designs, enhance HMI (Human Machine Interface), update SCADA systems, conduct exhaustive tests and simulations and much, much more! Contact us now for more information.