Dust and Fume Extraction Control Panels

Most of the industrial and laboratory activities produce fumes and dust, which are hazardous to health and must be dealt with according to the safety regulations. For this purpose, dust and fume extraction systems are used; they work on the elementary principal of capture, collect and convey. Dust collection systems capture the dust filled air-stream and then carry it away from the source to the collector through the ductwork.

There are usually four main components in a dust and fume extraction system,

  • Exhaust hood to capture dust from the source
  • Ductwork to carry the dust to the collector
  • Dust collector to filter the air from dust
  • Motor and a fan to provide energy and exhaust volume

Industrial significance of dust and fume extraction control panels

Control panels are used to control the entire system. These systems are vital to protecting the workers from the gases, dust and fumes produced by different processes in the workplace. Such a system should be commissioned and fully tested to meet all the relevant requirements.

Dust and fume extraction control panels find their use in a wide range of industries and manufacturing plants, usually in pharmaceutical and chemical industry and nuclear power plants. Generally, they are found near processing areas. Some notable examples of dust and fume extraction systems are fume & smoke removers, exhaust extraction system in vehicles, centralized industrial extractors, dust collection system in car repair shops, and wood and sawdust collector. These complex systems are controlled by specific control panels very effectively. These control panels are usually complex to handle by the common man and require an engineer to place them correctly.

Some fume and dust extraction systems may fail to meet the H&S requirements, or even if they do, the costs are very high due to the wrong design and specifications. Protecting yourself or your employees should be one of your main concerns. An effective system requires good design and the latest air quality measurements equipment, to make sure that it is cost effective. The dust and fume may easily enter the respiratory system and cause serious health issues; so, it must be dealt with utmost care. The simplest way of protection is prevention but that is not practical, so, the most successful way is the usage of dust and fume extractors. It is also the easiest method to control these pollutants.

If not taken care of properly, a single industry may offer multiple fume and dust related hazards. This is where the design of the control system comes into play. Only a perfectly designed control system can work in the most demanding of industrial environments. Companies have to decide how to get the most cost effective and lasting extraction system controlled by efficient control panels.

The right type of fume and dust extraction system for your application

Fume and dust extraction systems vary in many ways. To get the right system, your site needs to be surveyed, measured and investigated to calculate your fume and dust extraction requirements, which includes air supply, attenuation, filtration and noise control. Also, take into account the controlling explosives (ATEX) atmosphere and proper solutions. Furthermore, an automated system is required for the dust and fume extractor that can improve the collectors performance and efficiency while decreasing labor costs and energy consumption.

According to the cleaning requirements the control panels are set, by the operator, to clean the bags when the differential pressure gets to a certain high range, after that the system will pulse down to a decreased range. There are cleaning pauses till the differential pressure gets to the high range once again and then the system pulses down again automatically. This process continues, with an ongoing cycle, for the entire time the system is running.

Now-a-days, it does not matter what environment you work in or what industry, the use of control panels in extraction systems have made it simple and yet affordable to keep your premises safe and clean.