DualTEC’s Control Panel Building Service

Here at DualTEC, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service to our customers. Working across multiple industries, we’re able to design, build and install control panels for any project, no matter the scale. We’re an extremely well established team of electrical engineers, with a collective knowledge that enables us to be one of the leading control panel manufacturers in the UK.

The DualTEC electrical control panel process

Generally speaking, we start with the panel design phase. Working closely with our clients, we listen to your project requirements. Examples may include what size your facility is, the components that require control, the conditions the panel will be under and who will be operating it.

In some situations, clients will come to us with a pre-determined design. This is more than acceptable, providing that the blueprints were created in CAD and conform to all necessary regulations. However, we tend to design our panels alongside our clients, as our experienced control panels design team have an in depth knowledge of industry rules and specifications to adhere to.

Once we have the design for the panel signed off we can begin the second stage of the process, the build. Within our purposefully retrofitted facility, our builders utilise their years of experience and knowledge to create reliable, dynamic control panel systems for our wide range of customers and clients.

The third and final stage of the process is the installation of your new control system. The benefit of having DualTEC design and build your panel from the beginning, is it will be a bespoke fit for your facility once installed. We offer a turnkey service, delivering all materials to the site, installing and running diagnostic testing until we’re totally satisfied that your panel is good to go.

Why use DualTEC to upgrade your control panel system

Over the course of its life a factory floor that is full of complex machinery, will have tools removed, replaced and added to. A dated control panel will have been designed for the original set up of machinery within that factory, meaning that even 10 years down the line, it may not be up to the job. As technology advances, functionality within control panel design has become far more intuitive, reliable and efficient. By upgrading your motor control centre, making it easier to use whilst using less energy – your savings in the long term will be considerable.

We’re well versed in inspection and surveyance of existing or outdated panels. We will offer you honest advice, where upgrades are possible or replacement is necessary. For any more information regarding our control panel building service, then please get in touch with one of our team members via our website, by email or you can contact us on 0153 5609 314.