Dualtec: Working to High Standards

At Dualtec we set very high standards for the control panels we create. To demonstrate the quality and attention to detail of our products, we manufacture and develop our control panel materials in line with a number of demanding standards. Taking great care to work within both European and British standards, we’re committed to precision, safety and perfect performance. Here are three of the central regulations that our products comply with and why they’re so important to how we work and the areas of electronics that we specialise in.

2006/95/EC – Low Voltage Directive

This is one of the essential safety requirements for electrical sector products which are placed on the market. For resources operating with a voltage of between 50 and 100 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current, this is a vital standard to meet to demonstrate the safety of the equipment. Because this piece of legislation refers only to the voltage of output or input for electrical equipment, this doesn’t apply to the voltage within processes of the apparatus, but compliance is demonstrative of safely developed and soundly manufactured equipment in the aspects that would pose a threat to users.

BS 7671 – IEE Wiring Regulations – 2008 17th Edition

The British Standard BS 7671 is a central part of the regulation of for electrical installation and safety of electrical wiring across domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Dating back to 1882, this is a long standing piece of legislation which aims to ensure the safety of users of electrical resources. We take great care to be compliant with these standards and our attention to detail in applying these standards reflecting our immense attention to detail and the consideration we give to the safety of our equipment.

2006/42/EC – Machinery Directive

This is an area of legislation that deals specifically with machinery rather than electronic installations more generally. With a broad scope of included aspects and uses of machinery, it has great relevance to the work undertaken by Dualtec given the diversity of different sectors and types of machine systems we develop panels to be incorporated into. Referring specifically to new machinery, it sets the safety standards for new apparatus being introduced to the market. Because we develop bespoke solutions, our machinery is custom made for each application and so a great deal of the resources we develop fall within the scape of this area of regulation. With our safety oriented focus, we are fully compliant with the latest standards to ensure our proposition to clients marries state of the art apparatus and a level of manufacture, design and testing that can offer assurance that are resources meet the highest standards of safety.

These are just some of the important standards and regulations we work within the be able guarantee safety and performance to the materials we create. More details can be found on the Quality Assurance page of our website, or for information about our products and standards, why not get in touch with our team on 01535 609 314 today.

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