DualTEC Control Panel Services

Back in April 2004, we set out to become one of the leading designers, fabricators, installers and inspectors of control panels in the UK. Fifteen years on and DualTEC represents a team of highly skilled, fully qualified engineers, all working across multiple industries alongside clients from all over the country.

We pride ourselves on being specialists in automation control, testing, inspection and M&E installations for all manner of control panels. Whether small, simple box builds or larger, more technical projects – we have the experience and expertise needed to complete your control panel.

Our customers range from the automotive and automation industries to food processing and waste management. Through our innovative and intuitive control panel services and manufacture we aim to:

  • Increase and improve the efficiency across your control panel set up
  • Reduce the running costs of your business in the process
  • Make the functionality of your control panel more intuitive for the benefit of employees

Electrical Panel Manufacturers

As previously stated, we design and manufacture a huge variety of control panels to be used in any number of situations, locations and environments. Manufacture and wiring quality should always be at the forefront of any control panel builders mind, but when you’re building control panels that will be exposed to the elements or subjected to high vibration levels – there can be no room for cutting corners. We ensure that build quality and reliability are a priority in all of our panel builds, however complicated.

As a UK company, we’re proud to be involved with a range of industries, helping them to make their means of control more efficient. Included within these industries are:

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Water Management
  • Dust & Fume Extraction
  • Waste Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Aerospace

Skilled and experienced control panel builders

Our workforce is built up of time-served engineers, who call upon and utilise their years of experience to produce reliable and quality electrical panels for our many clients. Depending on which stage in the process you are, we can either produce technical drawings before commencing manufacture, or we can work from other CAD drawings supplied to us (providing they are legible and comply to the necessary standards).

On top of design and manufacture, we can also install the control panels we build for you, ensuring that they are running correctly through rigorous testing of electrical continuity, voltage flash and PAT. For more information regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our website, by email or you can contact us on 0153 5609 314.