The Dualtec Control Panel Process

the control panel process

With many years of varied experience in control panel process design, as well as in the different specialisms of their application, our skilful team are well equipped to design and install optimally performing control panels for a number of different industries. From the initial planning to on site work and designing software specially for your purposes, we offer a complete coordinated service from start to finish.

A complete service

We’re proud of the comprehensive service we’re able to provide. Our team can offer guidance and input throughout the process, ensuring that the technology deployed is ideal for its purpose, and that it is compatible with your current set up. This versatility and responsiveness to the different clients we work with is a corner stone of the service we offer and is a significant factor in the success of the control panel solutions that we create.

We’ll take a close look at the processes which require automation and use our knowledge and specialist experience to employ the best combination of different technologies within the control panel system to deliver precision and reliability in the various aspects of the system’s functions. We’re conscious of the best component elements to bring to a system to guarantee accuracy in the factors the control panel measures, and put together systems with the quality of build and the latest in energy efficiency to continue to deliver.

Site Installation and Software Design in the Control Panel Process

Our team will then install the systems we’ve designed and constructed, to make sure that the control panels are implemented and incorporated into the existing technologies and that there won’t be any teething problems.

Because our systems are custom made to suit our client’s needs as specifically as possible, expertise is required in the on site installation of systems as many of our solutions are unique. The process of introducing new systems also includes user training, to make sure that the teams who need to use our systems are comfortable with how they operate and that the maximum possible benefit of the systems can be reaped.

To ensure that you get the best use from your new system, we create bespoke interfaces and displays, allowing you to get up to date information on the performance of your apparatus and to give you even greater control over the system. These are user friendly and straight forward to use. Our extensive experience in this field means that we’re aware of use behaviour and we recognise the importance of simplicity and accessible design in the designing of the interfaces we create.

The wide applicability of our Control Panel systems

We’ve designed, built, installed and programmed systems for a broad selection of different industries. These include water management, dust and fume extraction, the automotive industry and waste processing amongst others. We’re able to design sophisticated systems which can be incorporated into existing set-ups and can upgrade outdated electrical systems and hardware. We also map systems in AutoCAD format, meaning that your engineers have detailed and complete records of our systems, and those which are currently in place, providing a clearer picture of your apparatus and set up.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the efficiency and automation of the control panel process within your business then why not speak to one of our team to see what our control panel solutions can do to improve your operation.

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