Control systems for Industrial Automation

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Industrial Automation is one of the central purposes of our control panel work. Creating systems which are designed to respond to different stimuli and fulfil their mechanic functions without the need for consistent human input is the central facet of our work. Our technologies are widely employed across a number of different sectors, from water and waste management to fumigation and the food industry.

Industrial automation however, is one of the more common applications of our control panel systems, where even complex machining and mechanical functions can be left to sophisticated automation systems created by our skilled team of designers, builders and installed by our dedicated on site team.

Versatile Automation Systems

We have vital experience in creating panels which work along side hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation and electrical systems, across a broad selection of different industrial purposes. Our services extend from design consultation to the manufacture of control panels using the most precise and reliable practices and materials as well as the work in installing systems and working through the induction with your internal team to ensure you get the greatest value from the systems we develop. From driving motors and machining apparatus, giving greater control and precision to comprehensive process automation in industry, our versatile team are able to build custom systems which are tailored to match the situation and needs of each of our clients.

We also offer data collection services, which analyse the performance of systems and help you understand areas for improvement and opportunities for efficiency improvements. This rich understanding of data requires expert manipulation which is part of our data service, along with display and storage.

Improving Existing Industrial Automation Systems

For those with an existing system which isn’t performing to a satisfactory standard, we’re also able to introduce new features and upgrade existing systems to make life easier for our clients. This goes from mapping existing control panel systems through to the introduction of new technological elements to systems and the writing of new software to act as a straight forward interface. Especially suited to robotic manufacturing process or assembly production lines, a Programmable Logic Controller (typically referred to as a PLC) is another means of upgrading pre-existing ‘relay and timer’ systems to improve performance. These are fast and responsive systems and can withstand demanding operations and environments.

Our experienced team of programmers has the expertise to develop such solutions to be incorporated into a wide variety of systems and industries, so get in touch to let us know about your challenge and to learn about what we can do to improve your automation.

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