Control Panels for Exhaust Extraction

image of control panels for exhaust extraction

Fumes and dust are problem which need dealing with in a number of industries. Controlling the air quality for both workers and for particular chemical or scientific processes is vital to the operation of many businesses. Having this as an automated process allows for greater control and responsiveness as well as ensuring safe air quality. Whether it’s car exhaust extraction in a working garage or fume cabinets in chemical plants, control panels are a sophisticated but effective solution for dust fumes and exhausts. Control panels for exhaust extraction are the solution.

Solvent Extraction

In some industries, such as those who develop and manufacture paints, potentially harmful chemicals are used. Using solvents within this process brings about a requirement for equipment for controlling this environment such as dry back spray booths. These will extract fumes from the process of manufacturing paints. We’ve developed control panel systems which are easy for employees to operate. This aids in making the process more precise and responsive to your changing needs. In this case, the risk from solvent fumes for employees can involve both long and short terms effects, including headaches and nausea as well as dermatitis, so maintaining the performance of extraction systems is vital.

Filtering and Extracting Dust using Control Panels for Exhaust Extraction

Dust is an issue in a wide array of industries. Every type from wood dust to pharmaceutical dust, both wet and dry dust, can cause issues for those working in warehouses. With ‘wet collectors’, often used in developing pharmaceutical products, the performance of the equipment often known as a ‘wet scrubber’ relies upon a several different important stages in the process. A ‘scrubbing liquid’ needs to be introduced a controlled rate, then discharged and carried away by a channel of moving air to extract the wet dust with the ‘scrubbing fluid’. Control panels are ideal for monitoring complex processes and responding precisely and effectively to ensure the functionality of the equipment in question and the best extraction of the hazardous materials in question.

Our systems, which respond to changes in variables, can interact with a variety of different dust and fume extraction equipment. This responsiveness allows for more efficient extraction and a more efficient means of operation, reducing the overall running costs of systems. Our expertise also extends as far as developing a user interface for our control panel systems. These are designed with you, the user, in mind. With their hassle free design, they can be operated to get the most from your control panel systems and from existing equipment.

So whether you want to have greater control of processing in a machining plant, chemical development or engineering, our systems hold the answer to optimising the performance of your equipment, lowering costs and ensuring the ideal performance from your resources.

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