UK based control panel manufacturers

How many of us really know what control panel manufacturers do and how the control panels they create feature in our daily lives?  Do we really need them?  What if they weren’t there?  Throughout the UK, control panels play a big part in our homes, offices, factory, hotels, and planes and in colleges or schools.

At its most basic level, a control panel is a specified area or an assembly where the controlling and monitoring systems are kept and displayed.  This could be controlling and distributing the electricity supplies into your home or the monitoring and controlling of different systems and processes in a manufacturing industry. The shape and size of the control panel will vary according to its use but the principals are the same.

More specifically, there are a huge variety of types of control panels; Operator Control Panels, HMI operator Panel, SCADA Panels, Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels, Flight Cockpit Control Panels, Control Station Panels, Motor Control Panels (MCPs), Power Distribution Panels, Fire Control Panels, Mainframe Computer Control Panels, PLC Panels Network/Communication Control Panels and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control Panels. However, whatever their use, most common control panels are flat, vertical and cabinet shaped and usually, they are kept in a central place from where they are easily accessible and controllable so that monitoring and evaluation becomes much easier.

Control panels are an important part of many industries, guiding operatives on the functioning of the systems. This information is considered to be more reliable compared to analogue panels as well as alerting operatives to problems much quicker.

As the manufacturing processes themselves have advanced, the Control Panel manufacturers have improved the design, quality, and functionality of the Control Panels; push button, space consuming, bulky panels have been replaced by smaller, user friendly and space saving, digitized systems, incorporating touch sensitive screens, digitised password systems, and better protection functionality.

The basic question that you should keep in mind before purchasing a control panel is,  “does the panel meet all your basic requirements?”  This should include it’s shape, design, size, the material being used, Environmental ratings, thermal ratings, and the QC certification.

About how we manufacture control panels

Dualtec Services Limited specialises in control panel design, manufacturing, panel installation, commissioning, and user training.  We offer a wide range of control panels ranging from commercial, industrial to aviation industries. Together, our Engineers and Technicians offer a complete solution whilst maintaining a focus on the demands of our customers.

It is our responsibility to provide you with the right product to suit your requirements for reliability, functionality and budget.

Our dedicated and experienced team of control panel manufacturers are trained to the highest standards and utilise all their skills to ensure that customer requirements are properly understood and met accordingly.  All of our Control Panels go through a strict inspection and testing procedure to ensure that quality and safety are never compromised.  We also provide staff training for our customers so that they can handle and operate the systems from installation without any teething problems.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for meeting tough deadlines and providing customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a Custom Control Panel which is durable, sleek, efficient, safe, cost-effective, and certified contact us at Dualtec Services Limited.  We are confident that once you give us the opportunity, the quality of our products and customer support will speak for itself.