Time for control panel maintenance?

control panel maintenance

DualTEC specialise in creating custom built control panel solutions which are individually made to order and engineered exactly for our customers specific needs. Any industry can only work effectively if all of the tools and machinery are working correctly so sometimes control panel maintenance is necessary. But if those tools and machinery are in constant use, then there are going to be some wear and tear issues, and you’ll need to undertake some maintenance.

Electrical control panels usually don’t go wrong themselves, but there are things that can easily affect their performance. For instance either worn out or damaged cables can create an imbalance in the flow of electricity, which a control panel is there to moderate.

Wiring problems can also cause machine failure. Usually we come across wiring that’s just not been done properly, or maybe clusters of wires which has led to knotting. If you come across this, or ageing wiring, then it might just be time to replace your control panel.

Whilst we might now be in the depths of winter, spring is only just around the corner, and some spring cleaning is usually in order for your control panel.

Dust, dirt and carbon build up on your control panel can actually be made up of conductive materials which in the long run could be impacting circuit paths leading to either a leeching current or short curcuits. What we’re trying to avoid here is the light scattering of dust you noticed in January, becoming ‘more than dirty enough to cause control panel problems’ in June.

Fortunately, there’s a safe and easy way to clean out most dust and dirt. Use a vacuum to clean the enclosure rather than compressed air, which may actually grind and engrain some of the contaminants even deeper into the crevices of your panel.

control panel maintenanceOne other spring cleaning tip for your control panel would be to look at the plastic elements to see if there is any degradation. If plastic degrades it can cause carbon build up, which is especially a problem in ageing equipment causing contacts that arc at open and close.

Be sure to use safe cleaning products designed to remove carbon or other stubborn contaminants.

Here at DualTEC we can help you make your control panel maintenance and upkeep easy. It might be something a simple as choosing an enclosure with an external filter to extend the lifespan of your panel. Because of our extensive knowledge of control panel design, our control panel designers can always suggest ways to make your control panel more efficient and cost effective
Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re seeking a partner to help develop and accelerate your project, DualTEC can help. Call us today or submit a quote and our experienced support staff will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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