Control Panels and The Internet of Things

INternet of things control panel human machine interface

As technology develops for consumers and businesses alike, so does the technology within the control panel industry. We are on the cusp of massive change, with 5G connectivity and the internet of things (or IoT) poised on the not-so-distant horizon. It is important that control panel companies are prepared for the developments these changes will bring.

EXOR components in the control panel industry

Whether control panel design, manufacture or installation are a company’s speciality – all three will need to be up to date with the components and brands that are going to facilitate the use of this new technology. Which is why at DualTEC, we are offering our customers control panel solutions from EXOR, one of the companies out there preventing other businesses from becoming obsolete in the futuristic landscape ahead.

The future of control panel design with EXOR components

The IoT represents an unprecedented connectivity between a whole host of different devices that will completely transform the accessibility and remote-functionality of control panels. EXOR are a company offering a comprehensive range of products that provide control panel builders with the applications to develop the connectivity of devices for their clients. The X Platform is IoT ready and involves software, hardware and cloud based components to bring control panel design into this new technological era.

EXOR hardware solutions

Evolving from a traditional HMI hardware designer and manufacturer to outright provider of IoT solutions, EXOR offer a huge range of hardware components from basic SOM level kit right through to SCADA and master level control panels. Their aim is to provide control panel builders with the necessary products to cover all future market needs.

From the revolutionary eX700, offering lightening fast performance, high resolution glass touch screen and powerfully integrated PLC to the state-of-the-art eTOP Series 500, featuring incomparable performance with an outstanding design and a choice of certifications that make them the solution of choice across a variety of different industries, especially those in harsh environments.

IoT compatibility is ensured through eXware, the central element in the X platform that communicates between automation devices, cloud processes and applications. Through use as a powerful human to machine interface, a programmable logic controller including automation software such as CODESYS V3, as a gateway or as a secure router.

Get in touch with DualTEC to prepare your company for the Internet of Things

If you would like to find out more about the EXOR products we have been using in our control panels builds, or about how DualTEC can future-proof your company against the IoT developments facing the automation and control panel industry – contact us on 01535 609314.

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