Control Panel Design and Production

Changing control panels

Here at DualTEC we are dedicated to providing the most effective solutions for our clients by ensuring we understand the customers requirements completely. Focusing our in-depth control panel knowledge and expertise on the engineering of the control panel and the protocol for its manufacture, by treating both variables with the same importance, we are able to optimise both the affordability of the process and the overall performance of the control panel.

A quality reputation for control panel design

Over the years we have been exposed to and experienced a wide range of industries and manufacturing applications, our dedicated staff apply this experience to every client project undertaken, assessing project requirements in order to optimise the design speed. It also affords us the opportunity to make new suggestions and apply more effective solutions that clients may have not heard of.

Control panel production the DualTEC way

It goes without saying that the manufacturing processes of our panels is such that the highest standards are systematically adhered to, resulting in a superior product that meets EU and UK electrical regulations. We have channelled our years of control panel experience into effective product development, ensuring that our clients benefit from our experience and can rely on our control panels being the very best available to them.

Our team of experienced engineers use quality components that have been rigorously tested for reliability and effectiveness, ensuring that our control panel production results in the best quality product, tailored to your specific requirements. Once the design and production process is complete, the control panel is inspected thoroughly and tested for functionality before we are happy to begin the installation process.

Feedback about our control panels

Our customer feedback is absolutely priceless to us, the information our engineers receive from the industries we supply give us the wealth of practical knowledge that we utilise in order to meet and hopefully surpass our clients’ requirements. Our aim is for excellence within control panel design and production, your feedback enables us to achieve this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the DualTEC team via phone or email to feedback or update us about a previous project or to discuss an upcoming control panel project, we look forwards to hearing from you and your company.

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