How To Utilise Control Panel Design And Manufacture For Your Business

Industrial Control Panel Design

We offer businesses across multiple sectors efficient methods of improving, updating or even replacing their control panel set up. From analysis, design and planning to manufacture, fitting and training – our team of control panel engineering specialists provide a comprehensive and reliable service. With decades of collective experience, DualTEC engineers comply to very precise procedures when undergoing a control panel systems update, ensuring that your system is brought up to industry standards.

Analysis, design and planning of your new control panel setup

The process begins with a detailed analysis of your existing control panel system. The engineer will cast a critical eye over all aspects of your control panel, from the software being used for the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to the effectiveness of the HMI (Human Machine Interface). They will analyse and run detailed diagnostics to check that internal components are running at optimum efficiency and that tolerances are still industry compliant.

The planning and design stage of the process can only begin once the team have the correct data and points for improvement from the analysis/diagnostic assessment. The design team will begin by drawing up new electrical drawings for the hardware contained within your business premises, factory or plant. Up to date, precise technical drawings are invaluable for manufacturing companies across all industries and sectors.

The team will then decipher which pieces of hardware that need updating or replacing, if any cabling needs replacing and work this into the project costings. Finally, the program for the PLC will be customised to your own specifications, using our vast knowledge in control panel software development we are able to offer control panels that will facilitate productivity and increase accuracy at minimum impact to your operation.

Manufacturing your newly designed control panel

DualTEC offer a comprehensive service, included in that is our dedicated control panel building facility. We build control panels for a multitude of businesses, in sectors from the automotive industry to food and packaging sectors. This wide ranging experience gives us a uniquely in-depth knowledge of what your company could require from a control panel, resulting in an end product that is designed and manufactured to provide you with real solutions.

Making the most of our training and manuals

Depending on the complexity of the upgrades made to your control panel setup, your employees may or may not require retraining on how to correctly use the panel. We provide you with detailed manuals that explain explicitly how to correctly use all functions within your new electrical control panel. We can also provide short sessions, training your employees in the functionality of the updated and improved system.

Get in touch for further information

Whether you know that your control panel system is in desperate need of an update or just need to know that it is compliant with industry standards – please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will work with your business to provide you with a control panel that will revolutionise your production process. Get in touch via our website, email or call us on 0153 5609 314.

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