Control Panel Design and Manufacture

Programmable Logic Controller

At DualTEC we work to provide the best solutions for our clients by ensuring that we understand the customers needs thoroughly.

By focusing equally on the engineering of the control panel and the protocol for its manufacture, we create solutions that target the optimal position on the cost/performance curve.

Our exposure to a wide range of industries and manufacturing applications means that We can quickly produce control panel designs and provide new ideas and solutions for our clients. Our control systems are designed by our internal staff who have years of experience in control panel design for a wide range of industries.

At DualTEC, we manufacture our panels to the highest standards and to the latest electrical regulations. Our team of experienced technicians use quality components which have been tried and tested over years of product development for our control panel manufacture. Once we complete a panel, it is inspected and functionally tested prior to installation.

The feedback that our engineers receive from the shop floor give us a wealth of practical insight to translate our clients’ requirements into designs that our skilled team can build.

Please contact the DualTEC team to discuss your upcoming control panel projects.

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