Dualtec: Control Panel 101

We specialise in the design and manufacture of control panels at an industrial and commercial level, focussed on utilising our considerable experience to become the best in class designer and provider of electrical control panels. We offer a complete control panel solution service. From initial design, manufacture and test, through to on site installation / commissioning / user training and full documentation pack supply.

Our customer focussed approach ensures that we work closely with every customer to get you over the finishing line, on time, on budget, and with no fuss, headaches or unnecessary extra costs. We supply our turnkey control panel service to a wide variety of industry sectors, ranging from the automotive and aerospace industries to water management and wast processing.

Electrical Control Panels

We thought it would be useful for both our current customers as well as prospective ones to know how we define what actually makes up a control panel. In this set of articles we aim to detail the key points needed to understand how control panels work, so keep checking in with us to make sure not to miss the next instalment.

Across this set of articles we will be looking into the basics of control panels, their main purpose and functions. We will look in detail at the different power and control components used in control panel design across a multitude of industries, and finally we will discuss the best control panel operator devices.

So what is a Control Panel?

Fundamentally, control panels are designed to do just that, control. All manner of mechanical equipment that uses electricity as a power source has a specifically designed control panel, with the use of installed devices within the control panel, operators are able to control that specific arrangement of equipment.

Each control panel can differ from the next and there are an almost infinitesimal amount of variations, mainly because each control panel is designed specifically for a given set of criteria, across a multitude of industries, sectors and machinery. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to detail all the different combinations of possible panels.

This makes it a very difficult industry to learn and it takes years of experience to have a comprehensive knowledge of electrical control panels. Below are the fundamental basics as we see them.

Control Panel Power Components

Next time we will go into the specifics of the different electronic power components that can be used in control panel production. In the mean time, please feel free to read through the previous content on our blog and if you are company requiring control manufacture, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website.

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