Programmable Logic Controllers and Industry 4.0

The Programmable Logic Controller (or PLC for short) can automate specific processes, machine function or even whole production lines. As industrial devices, they can be used as part of a network with other PLCs, or simply as standalone units. In recent years, PLCs have played their part in the digitisation of manufacturing, alongside other important […]

The Building Blocks of Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers (PID)

Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers (PID for short) are relatively simple yet irreplaceable components that are commonplace within the control panel industry, and despite PIDs being heavily relied on, they’re definitely not without their flaws. Whilst the basic function of the PID is relatively simple – or at least when they were first introduced to process […]

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

Industrial Control Panel Design

The Coronavrius pandemic has had a huge impact on multiple sectors throughout the manufacturing industries, and control panel design has not been excluded from that. Nevertheless, through applying appropriate social distancing measures and the proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment) – the team at DualTEC have successfully managed to keep the workshop operating at […]

PLCs, PACs and IPCs – what do these terms mean?

PLC – Programmable Logic Controller PAC – Programmable Automation Controller IPC – Industrial Pc It’s important to be making an educated decision when specifying the correct control platform for your project. Success will come with understanding the different features, limitations, and compatibilities of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) and Industrial PCs (IPCs). […]

Remotely access your control panel with a programmable logic controller

control panel maintenance

In light of the current global pandemic we’re all faced with and the widespread impact this has had on many businesses, industries and sectors – we thought it may be useful to discuss the prospect of building remote capabilities into your control panel setup. Within reason, this can allow businesses to maintain productivity with minimal […]

Energy Efficiency through Control Panel Use

Energy Efficient Control Panels

The control offered by our carefully designed and constructed, energy efficient control panels systems means that you can reduce the use of energy in your company. This is the case both through the systems themselves, and by what they can offer to the processes which consume energy within your operation. With environmental and money saving […]

Control Panels for Water Management

control panels

Another of the many uses of control panel technology is within the water management industry. Wherever you find automated processes, requiring complex system of control and monitoring, there will likely be control panels and water management is no different. Control panels perform a variety of functions within water management and our team has extensive experience […]

Control Panels for Exhaust Extraction

image of control panels for exhaust extraction

Fumes and dust are problem which need dealing with in a number of industries. Controlling the air quality for both workers and for particular chemical or scientific processes is vital to the operation of many businesses. Having this as an automated process allows for greater control and responsiveness as well as ensuring safe air quality. […]

Saving money on energy using electronic control panels

energy saving PLC

There’s lots of advice around in the electicity industry on how to save energy and improve efficiency using control panels. Often the problem is that the advice you read only gives one point of view, or the information provided only checks some of the issues. Here are DualTec we’ve got lots of experience and knowledge […]