Choosing the right controller for your automation task

In whichever form they come, PLCs, PACs, PCs or a mixture of the three, controllers are at the heart of all automated systems and vital to their operation. The capabilities and functions of different controllers are hugely varied. This means you can select a controller which perfectly suits the dimensions of your project. But this […]

Trends in Industrial Automation

As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, it poses challenges in the adaptation of systems to incorporate the newest developments. With automation, however, these features can be put to their best use in industrial systems.

Process Control Systems

Process control systems (PCS) are a vital element in maintaining efficiency on a manufacturing production line, by testing the characteristics of the products to identify any abnormalities which can then be quickly attended to. PCS devices are also able to extract any data about these anomalies to ensure procedures are adapted and maintained, and to […]

The benefits of automation to industry

Around 20 years ago, an article about automation was accompanied by a cartoon. The cartoon was split into two halves; on one side was a factory worker saying to his colleague ‘no matter how far automation goes, they’ll always need people like us to push the buttons’, unaware that on the other side was a […]

Control panels for the automotive industry

control panels for the automotive industry

The automotive control panel market is undergoing a huge period of change. With the gradually increasing market share of electric vehicles and more state of the art processes involved in creating EVs – the control panels involved in their manufacture are evolving in order to keep up with demand. Worldwide value of the automotive control […]

Is your control panel setup due some much needed maintenance?

control panel maintenance

In our personal lives, the new year probably represents more exercise, a change in diet or maybe a new hobby. In manufacturing, much is the same, with the new year offering a chance to carry out some essential maintenance to your control panel setup and ensure smooth operation in the year ahead. Here at DualTEC, […]

Control panel design and manufacture in the United Kingdom

We’re often bombarded with news headlines of how manufacturing and the industries involved are in decline, and whilst this may be true for some sectors – it certainly isn’t for the UK’s control panel industry. As technology develops, the demand for more intelligent and intuitive means of control are required. Whether that be better functionality […]

Innovative Automation and Control Solutions

DualTEC has a solid reputation for delivering innovative automation and control solutions. We are an electrical engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of control panels. Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, our team of fully qualified engineers offer a vast range of experience and knowledge in all electrical disciplines. We operate nationwide and serve […]

Programmable Logic Controllers in Control Panel Design

Developed as a solution to simplify the control process within the manufacturing process, Programmable Logic Controllers eradicated the need for unreliable components like relays, timers and sequencers. Since their development, they have been widely adopted as a reliable solution to automation control, particularly in harsh environments. PLCs have come a long way since their inception […]

Uninterruptible Power Systems for Control Panels

The British Standards Institution released their general and safety requirements for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) last month, outlining updated guidelines for safe usage with all manner of electronic equipment. There are a multitude of settings where control panels require varying degrees of power protection, but the fail safe option will always be a UPS. The […]