Building control panels for the future

Control Panel Design & Building

Technology is always evolving, and it is important for panel builders to equip themselves with the material to adapt to these changes. New technologies and changing legislations place pressure on businesses to demand progressive approaches from their supplies. As one such supplier, panel builders must think toward catering to these new demands.

Maintaining safe operation will ensure that panels are built to last into the future and requires a certain adaptability on behalf of panel builders to conform to changing requirements. But panel builders must also continually look for enhanced solutions which manage space effectively and include consideration of environmental pressures.

Control Panel Safety

Looking to the future entails first and foremost securing the processes of the panel to ensure its longevity. To maintain their safe and reliable operation it is important for panel builders to allow their expertise to grow and evolve to keep up to date with changing legislation. This will enable the integration of preventative measures to ensure that potential panel downtime is reduced.

Equally importantly, they must remain open to customer priorities, and reflect on project engineering and programme engineering in order to achieve efficient and satisfactory solutions.


Businesses are always looking to increase efficiency, whether in terms of workflow or space. A great way to maximise space is to reduce the size of panel boards and switch boards. By paying attention to consumer demands, panel builders are able to keep up with business evolution.

By keeping panels module and compact, the possibilities for panel extensions also remain great, allowing for adaptability in the context of everchanging technologies. Extra functions might be added to the panel in the case of business and building expansion. Rather than estimating for panel expansion when the panel is constructed, allowing for capacity to be added at a later date ensures the panel continuously operates in the most efficient manner.

Control PanelSustainability

A greater awareness of the environmental situation has led to ongoing legislative changes for businesses. An example of this is the latest building regulation changes, which require any new buildings, commercial premises and those undertaking large-scale refurbishments and renovations to provide evidence of their fuel usage, up to 90%. This requires the installation of metering, and panel builders might capitalise on this by fitting measuring technologies into their panels. This will allow them to provide a more holistic service to their clients, and keep their costs low. Circuit breakers and onboard meters can also be included to reduce the necessity of extensive wiring and the length of installation time.

These measuring technologies must monitor a range of processes and systems and should be complemented by collection and analysis capabilities. In order to carry out these processes remotely, communication tools and software management devices should also be installed, to allow businesses to keep track of data online, often via a web browser.

Keep ahead of consumer demands

In order to build control panels which, have longevity and provide stable solutions for customers, panel builders must pay close attention to changing customer demands in a world of rapidly evolving technologies. Offering functionalities that pay attention to new safety and sustainability legislation will reassure clients that yours is the best control panel solution, and providing innovative solutions in terms of space will allow businesses to continue to adapt into the future.

For more information on panel building for the future, or if you’re interested in a quote, contact DualTEC on 01535 609314.

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