Automation and Control Systems for Industry

automation and control systems

To keep up with the market’s demand and stay at pace with your competitors, automation and control systems are the way to go. Automation can help increase the efficiency of the production process, as it puts sophisticated programmes in control over various stages of the process. At DualTEC, we provide state of the art, tailored automation and control system solutions for customers.
Expert engineers and software developers will be assigned to your particular project and they will create a finished product that will fulfil the requirements of your industry. We can perform integral upgrades of the control system or design a new system altogether, whichever fits your specific needs.

Automation can remove a multitude of impediments from your business, especially when you are working with experts who can work with all types of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems. DualTEC can provide you with the services of such experts and a list of automation services that can be customized for each business and industry. If you still aren’t sure about implementing automated systems in your business, then the following information can help you make up your mind.

Efficiency and Productivity for Automation and Control Systems

The biggest impact of automation and control systems will be on the efficiency and productivity of your business. A well-designed programme, with hi-tech PLCs attached, can increase the production rate of your business by manifolds. The control system will give you more control over the process and offer in-depth reports, which can be instrumental in reducing barriers in the system even more.


By offering consistent quality and increased production, automation can shorten the production cycle. When you are able to deliver quality products to clients in less time, you can enjoy the financial benefits, as well as a boost to your reputation.

Customer Retention

With the consistency achieved through automation and control systems in your business process, you can offer timely returns for client’s investments. Happy clients always keep coming back, expecting the same type of service as before. With proper maintenance and suitable upgrades, you will be able to improve continuously and build a loyal customer base

Costs and Profits

One of the perks of automation is that it can reduce the raw material usage; as less of it is lost in the process. Combine that with the reduction in the time it takes to create one cycle of products, and you can bring down your production costs significantly, all thanks to automation. Lower costs of production directly translate to higher profits. Products are produced at a higher and more efficient rate and are delivered to clients in record time: all factors that help increase your sales and hence the profits.

These points should factor into your decision about whether or not to implement automated systems in your business. Once your decision has been made, you can refer to DualTEC for all your PLC, SCADA and HMI design needs. Aside from these main services, we are also able to help customers with their data collection and manipulation routines, machinery automation, monitoring systems and numerous other automation and control system issues.

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