About Us

Dualtec Services Ltd started on 29 April 2004 with a mission to become the best in class provider of control panels, automation control, M&E installations, testing and inspection. We are fully qualified engineers with specialist knowledge and skills gained from experience in a wide range of industries. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and aftercare enables us deliver premium quality solutions that are guaranteed to meet our customers’ needs and hit the optimal cost/performance targets. We are based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, and we provide full UK coverage.

Our comprehensive service is tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. Our approach, as a totally customer focused company, is to work closely with everyone involved in the project so that we can deliver a fully compliant solution on time and on budget without fuss, headaches, or unnecessary costs.

If you wish to discuss your specific requirements or request more information please get in touch. Our contact details are listed below.