Our dedication to customer satisfaction and aftercare

Dualtec is an established Yorkshire-based company with over 30 years of experience in control panel manufacturing, automated process control design, electrical testing and equipment inspection.

Allan Hobbs and Duncan Walsh are the company’s founding directors. Duncan is our Operations Manager. Allan is our Technical Lead for all electrical engineering projects undertaken.

We operate UK-wide and take great pride in our reputation for excellent customer service and aftercare. 

From our design and manufacturing services through to installation and commissioning, we provide superior quality solutions. Designed to meet our customers’ needs whilst ensuring they reach optimal cost and performance targets.

With fast delivery times from just 4 weeks, and our team of experienced field engineers who provide reliable installation and support, dualTEC are leading the field in control panel manufacturing and automation development.

OUr Quality Assurance

Our commitment to the delivery of quality products, services and aftercare ensures we can provide you with the very best commercial and technical solutions. For your peace of mind, our products are backed up by all of the necessary documentation and certification.

Quality is assured thanks to our employee training programmes and the premium components we use to create robust control panel solutions.